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Museum at Centreville will honor 99th years ago

Museum will

Museum will honor the 99th

     My name is David Owens Jr., and I am serving as mayor of the town of Centreville MS, where the 99th trained during World War II. During that time I was a school youngster but I can still remember the many soldiers and activities that took place at Camp Van Dorn.

     At the present time we have started a museum in honor of those who served and came through Van Dorn. This museum is being built on donations and a partial grant from the Mississippi Museum Commission, but as of now we are at a standstill as all our funds have been depleted. All we need is windows and the floor refurbished which will practically finish the job.

     The Downtown Development Club asked me to contact the division papers to advertise for donations of any amounts from members of the 99th and 63rd Divisions.

     Those making donations can make them for loved ones lost during battle or friends. Include names, ranks, and addresses to be included on a large scroll which will be located in front of the museum. Any member serving during this time also can have their names inscribed on it.

David Owens Jr.

Mayor of Centreville MS

PO Box 578

Centreville MS 39631