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More memories

I read with interest the columns by Robert Humphrey, especially the incident in Hofen with Stewart Fischer. I too was on guard duty in another building which housed artillery — forward observers and mortar section (an old cow barn).

The German patrol hit us first. I too called halt and was hit with a clip of burp gun fire. I returned fire and they left (no one was hit). Shortly after that I heard the burp gun and M-1 fire, then the moaning, and call for help from the dying soldier.

I wanted to go out and try and get him inside for help but my platoon sergeant refused to let me go.

Not long after the ordeal, Fischer, myself, and platoon leader Lt. Peterson, were called to regimental headquarters and awarded the combat infantry badge by Col. McKenzie. We were the first three in the company to get it. I always wore it with pride.

Robert Gordon K/395