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MIA search team should be commended

MIA search team

should be commended

     On Jan. 2, 2002, the NBC newscast of Tom Brokaw included a clip on Vernon Swanson and Jean-Louis Seel on the discovery of the remains of Jack Beckwith and other members of C/395.

     Unfortunately, in the editing process, all references to the 99th were deleted, although Vern had insignia and other 99th symbols available at the time of the filming.

     Swanson, a searcher and member of the research team, through his articles and public appearances, along with the publicity of the Diggers and their efforts and accomplishments, had brought the public's attention to the war records of the 99th. Swanson and the Diggers deserve the commendation and respect of the membership for their achievements.

     The other searchers, the late Dick Byers, Bill Warnock, Rex Whitehead, and Byron Whitmarsh also deserve credit and appreciation for their efforts and accomplishments on behalf of the 99th.

     Jean-Phillipe Speder in his article in the Checkerboard, Fourth Issue 2001, was very informative. It gave the membership detailed information of the coordination of the research team and the Diggers, and the combined efforts of the two groups, in locating MIAs.

     The membership should be encouraged to contribute to the Diggers, who spend countless number of hours of their leisure time on behalf of the 99th in locating remains of the deceased soldiers who lost their lives in the Battle of the Bulge, thus preserving the memories and incidents of this late conflict.

Robert V. Hogan

1925 Tanglewood Dr. #1C

Glenview IL 60025-1631