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Memory sparks questions

Memory sparks questions

Memory sparks questions

     We were somewhere between Liege and Eupen, Belgium. As a replacement moving up we detrucked and walked up a steep hill. Trucks could not go up the icy road. At the top we went into a large cave with a fireplace across the end big enough to take small tree trunks. We were taken out into a clearing to a pile of M1 rifles. We took one back to the cave and cleaned and oiled it and went out to a range where we test fired it. One of the cadre took a few of us through a tunnel where we came out into a tower. Looking both to the right and left was another tower. These towers were set on a high cliff. It must have been an old defensive position.

     There must have been many replacements go through there. My question is: where was this? What town and was it in Belgium? I am going on the Battlefield Tour in May and would like to see some of this area without getting shot.

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