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Memorial Day has meaning

I received two copies of the Checkerboard today and the Memorial Day photograph was super. I have reason to believe that the Memorial Day Parade here next year will have a larger number of 99'ers, making a good showing to the skeptics who think that day has become just for cookouts and beer, and not really a day set aside to remember the war dead.

Another testimony to the persistence of memory regarding WWII was demonstrated recently at Arlington VA. I participated in the memorial service (I did the sermon) at a reunion of the 305th Bomb Group of the 8th Air Force.

There were about 300 people there, which included children and grandchildren. I have a notion that next Memorial Day, those young folks might be having a cookout and a few beers, but they also will be deep in thankful memory of the service given by their parents and grandparents.

Arnold G. Taylor