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Medics, ambulance drivers were appreciated

Medics, ambulance drivers appreciated

Medics and

ambulance drivers

were appreciated

     I just received the December Checkerboard and am enclosing dues for 2001.

     The medics and ambulance drivers, as written by Glenn Witman of B/324, are most assuredly appreciated and praised! Many 99'ers, including myself, wouldn't be here today without their bravery and help during those times of terrible hostilities.

     I suffered a shrapnel chest wound about 0100 Dec. 23, 1944. John Jasienski dragged and carried me to the old bakery aid station in Elsenborn. (He tells me he couldn't do it today due to my 200 pounds.) I was going into shock, but remember the medics sleeping in the ovens.

     It was about 0700 on the 23rd that the skies cleared and an ambulance was outside the door. As I was being placed onboard, I couldn't believe it was in service. It was riddled with a stitching of bullet holes; in one side and out the other. The interior was somewhat lit up, that I could see three or four huddled German soldiers (children) in the front. I often wonder if this driver was a replacement, since the ambulance was really in bad shape.

Albert Humphrey G/394

2890 Cedar Hill Rd.

Cuyahoga Falls OH 44223