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Medals earned and unearned

Medals earned and unearned

     I recently read about Private Tsakanikas being unable to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor. Recently there was an article in the paper with the following:

     "The Pentagon reaffirmed the awarding of Bronze Star medals to service members who participated in the air campaign against Yugoslavia last year, but were not in the combat zone. Recently, President Clinton awarded 22 Congressional Medals of Honor to 22 Japanese-American soldiers due to political pressure by Senator Daniel Inouye of Hawaii."

     I'm quite sure some of these medals were earned even though it took a long time for the awarding of same. From what I read in the paper the actions attributed to these men was duplicated or was far greater by every man who landed in Normandy on D-Day or fought in the Battle of the Bulge and received a Purple Heart posthumously.

     I was flying B-17s during the Bulge and received several medals. I received all that I deserved. I think many GIs received medals justly earned, and many received medals that were not earned. I hope that Private William Tsakanikas gets the medal deserved.

     I am trying to locate a Sgt. McDougald who was at Camp Maxey early in 1944. Anyone with knowledge of this gentleman, please contact me.

John Jackson

3311 Cornell Dr.

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