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May tour deadline is near

May tour


draws near

     Space on the Battlefield Tour in May is limited to the number of tickets reserved by a specific date (to receive lower prices) and the capacity of the tour coach in Europe.

     The tour in November, which had to abide by the same regulations, ran into difficulty at the last minute because many stepped forward . . . wanting to go . . . but were unable to do so because they had not made their intentions known earlier.

     Eddie Polk of Battlefield Tours urges potential tour members to contact him at once. "We can't get the price advantage if we wait too late," Polk said.

     Polk noted that half the spaces on the tour have been spoken for, but that he has 20 more spaces available.

     The tour will leave the USA on Thursday, May 4, 2000. It has been arranged to coincide with VE-Day 55th Anniversary and Remagen Bridge Ceremonies to be held May 8. This will be an impressive affair.

     Also featured on the tour will be a guided tour of the Ruhr Pocket by a WWII historian who has done a lot of research on the 99th.

     99th veterans will meet with German veterans of the 272nd Volks Grenadiers, the outfit which fought agains the Battle Babies during the Ruhr Pocket. They are looking forward to the reunion.

     The group also will be escorted in the area by historian Ralf Klodt who has done extensive research on the 99th. A photographer, Klodt accompanied the tour in November. He will help 99th veterans find significant places in the Remagen area.

     The group will stay at exceptionally high quality first class hotels which feature the finest food and service. Ask anyone who was on the November tour. The same hotels are being used, the Avendi at Bad Honnef and the Carat at Monschau.

     Another feature of the May tour will be to participate in the dedication of Hasselpath Trial, making it a historic landmark. It is near Krinkelt, site of the 99th Monument. This will be an important event toward preserving the history of the Battle of the Bulge.

     Another event will be visiting Jackie Comhair's Museum, featuring WWII vehicles. It is located north of Liege.

     The Remember Museum, owned and operated by Marcel and Mathilde Schmetz (The "M&Ms") will be another enjoyable highlight. Who can resist Mathilde's apple wine? Or, Mathilde, for that matter.

     And the group will visit the American Cemetery at Henri-Chapelle. This is awesome.

     The group also will visit Camp Elsenborn where a ceremony will be held and the museum visited.

     Each veteran will have the opportunity to visit "special places" on May 13 when dedicated Belgian volunteers will provide transportation and guide services.

     The Diggers will be in charge of the Ardennes portion of the trip. They are noted for their magnificent service to the 99th.

     Prices have been kept low, details have been covered, and the deadline is near.

     Eddie Polk said he noticed that widows on the October tour seemed to get a great deal of meaning and fulfillment from the trip. He said special efforts will be made to accommodate widows of 99th veterans.

     Call 1-800-556-1460 for more information.