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Maps wanted

I found your name in the September 1996 issue of National Veterans' News Network. As editor of the Checkerboard, you may be able to help me with some information.

I am in search of a detailed map showing the location of each unit in the 99th Division during World War II.

My dad, Charles Taylor Calhoun, was a member of the 99th serving with the 370th FA Bn. in the European theater. He loves to tell our family war stories about the "Battle Babies."

Dad recently mentioned how much he would like to see a map of the placement of each unit in the 99th Division (the area each fought in) during Dad's time in the Army (Dec. 9, 1942-Jan. 8, 1946).

I also would like to find a map showing the route of advancement of the 99th from Berlin through Germany.

My sister and I are preparing a scrapbook of this special time in Dad's life so he can visualize his Army memories any time his heart desires.

Brenda Farthing

230 Sholar Rd.

Mayfield KY 42066