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M/394 member looking for old buddies years ago

I was in the 99th Infantry Division, M/394, at Camp Maxey, then moved on to bigger things like the Battle of the Bulge. I am looking for information about some of my old buddies.

We started out as the 33rd Infantry Regiment located in Panama. We were broken up (I don't know the exact dates) and sent to Dutch Guinea as forces. All this was before the war. I was assigned to Force A which was located about 115 miles into the jungles to a place called Moengo. After about 14 months there we were sent back to the States on cadre and assigned to the 103rd Division and the 99th Division.

I am trying to locate anyone who was stationed in Moengo. I also am trying to locate the colonel who was running the outfit there as I owe him $5 which he loaned me. I don't remember his name but I can say he was a fine officer and a great person.

I was his command car driver for about a year until I was transferred to a crash boat unit which patrolled the rivers from Paramaribo to Moengo.

I joined the 99th Division while they were on maneuvers and wound up somewhere in the Alps. I was discharged on the point system in 1945. Any help you can give me would be appreciated.

Ben Tew

9382 Co Rd 3600

Brownsboro TX 75756