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Lowry grandson does research

Lowry grandson does research

Lowry grandson does research

     My name is Chag Lowry. I am a grandson of Stanley Lowry, who was a member of the 99th Division, 393rd Regiment, Third Battalion, Company M, Second Platoon.

     First I thank you for your website. It is very informative. I am doing some research on my grandfather and he has said his platoon helped liberate some concentration camps in Czechoslovakia and Germany. He does not remember the names of the camps. Is there any way I can find that out? I would be grateful for any information on the activities of the 393rd during the war.

     About the Philly reunion, is that still happening? I think I would like to attend with my grandfather.

Chag Lowry

1794 Old Arcata Road

Bayside CA 95524