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Lloyd Hassell

Lloyd Hassell

     I am writing to ask your assistance to learn more about a relative who we think served in the 99th Division. He has no close living relatives. His name is Lloyd M. Hassell. My aunt has a letter from him dated November 1944, and she thinks he may have served in 3rd Battalion, 395th Infantry. This would mean he was in the 99th Division. He was killed in action Dec. 16, 1944.

     I got interested after spending several years researching my great-uncle, Lloyd Dillon, who was KIA in the last weeks of WWI. He fought with the famed 30th Division (Old Hickory) and survived the bust through the Hindenburg Line but was killed Oct. 13, 1918, near St. Souplet, France. Lloyd Hassell was named after his uncle.

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