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Kappaz furnishes names from chef's hat

The following men signed their names and hometowns on a chef's hat belonging to my father, George Kappaz, who was a technical sergeant and did his basic training at Camp Maxey TX.

According to my mother, he did attend some 99th reunions many years ago.

Although the quality of penmanship was exceptional by most of the men, there are some spellings of names that were not quite clear, and therefore inaccurate. There also are towns or states missing. My apologies for any inaccuracies. Please contact me regarding any corrections.

George Kappaz Jr.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The information is listed exactly as it was sent, without any editorial corrections.

Raymond G. Lindborg

Hobart, Indiana

M/Sgt Jewell L. Bettul

Chicago, Illinois

CWO. Alex J. Lindner

Milwaukee, Wisc.

Schlitz Beer

A.C. Maunhoff Cabot


Maynard L. Turner

525 1/2 Avenue, Apt. #2

Huntington, West Virginia

John T. Belfina or Gelfina

Atlanta, Georgia

John Alden, 1st Lt.

Maplewood, New Jersey

Thomas J. Pritchett

Sturgis, Minnesota

Terrell Armston

Olive Hill, Kentucky

Bruce Mumford

Louisville, Kentucky

Thomas W. Berkland

Chicago, Illinois

B.W. Deaderick

Polo, Illinois

Robert E. Erickson

Atlanta, Georgia

S/Sgt. Dole Webb

Hailey, Idaho

W. Reilly Lund

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Elmer B. Stevens

Red Jacket, West Virginia

Carl W. Allen

Louisville, Kentucky

Walter Williams

Wheeling, West Virginia

Daniel Adams


Alex Olkaski

Hurst, Illinois

Wayne P. Anderson

Watson, W. Virginia

Eddie Knofick

2921 6th Street

Columbus, Nebraska

Red Steward

Detroit, Michigan

Thomas Sandieer

Route #3

York, South Carolina

Edwin L. Dickey

Newark, New Jersey

Dale C. Busse

Ft. Warne, Indiana


Pfc Domenick Polsone

3554 Webster Avenue

Bronx, New York

Pfc Leonard M. Van Antwerp

1718 S. Park Street

Kalamazoo, Michigan

Jim Campbell

Dayton, Ohio

Lt. Henderson

Flint, Michigan

Alfred Leef

Detroit, Michigan

Eugene Povb

Columbus, Ohio

Pfc. Glenn Bemus

2207 Hawthorne

Waterloo, Iowa

M.F. Keeney

Denver, Colorado

Cpl. Robert E. Bayliss

Windsor, Vermont

S/Sgt. Alex Brzyski

South Bend, Indiana

Cpl. Willard Cleverly

Woods Cross, Utah

Capt. Lewis B. Eble

Detroit, Michigan

Lt. Joseph A. Tennes

Davenport, Iowa

Dean Norris

Hickory, North Carolina

Lynn Bins

Soda Springs, Idaho

Dick Schnithoth

Salt Lake City, Utah

Burnell Dirk

No town inscribed

Raphael Skibba

R.2 Box 116

Stevens Point, Wisconsin

J.D. Feaster

Oxford, Kansas

Albett Redford

Glasgow, Kentucky

Thomas F. Kemmey

Centralia, Pennsylvania

John McCartney

Clearfield, Pennsylvania

David W. Shaffer

Murray City, Ohio

W.K. Stephens

Sedalia, Missouri

Dick Friel

Indianapolis, Indiana

George Connell

No town provided

Peter Szebo Jr.

South Bend, Indiana

Ralph Myers

Miami, Florida

Richard P. Jones


Lewis A. Miller

Barnesville, Ohio

Jerome Bregtun

"The Great O'Malley"

New York City

Capt. C.C. Whitney, Jr.

Brownwood, Texas

Capt. H.L. "Doc" Fisher

United, Pennsylvania

Pfc. Glenn Bemus

2202 Hawthorne

Waterloo, Iowa

Paul Rehap

Coraopolis, Pennsylvania

Ralph Lofhr

Newbury, Indiana

Joseph Pastinck,

Leechburg, Pennsylvania

Pvt. Paul Gyntinan

Town not legible

Ralph E. Schenile

Dayton, Ohio

David N. Kinlaw

1st Lt. C.E.

No town provided

Lucino Darcesne

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Peter A. Panchier

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Chaplain (Major) Kirby Webster

Clinton, Massachusetts

Pfc. R.T. Simmons

Hamilton, Alabama

Pvt. C.K. Daubenspeck

Drumright, Oklahoma

Cpl. Robert E. Bayliss

Windsor, Vermont

Don Wichterman


M.F. Keeney

Denver, Colorado

Thyrel R. Speaku

Grand Rapids, Michigan

John Sluddy

215 Central Avenue

Hatboro, Pennsylvania

Robert E. Eidson

Atlanta, Georgia