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K/394 was attached to 1Bn during Bulge years ago

Presidential Distinguished Unit Citation

K/394 was attached

to 1Bn during Bulge

     I was in K/394 during the Bulge. I have attended reunions the past few years, and before he died Capt. (later Colonel) Jerry Simmons, CO of K/394, told me that we were attached to the 1 Bn/394 during this engagement.

     I know that we were in the Losheimergraben area the first days of the battle.

     In his book, "Key to the Bulge: The Battle for Losheimergraben," Maj. Steve Rusiecki states that K/394 was awarded the Presidential Distinguished Unit Citation for actions Dec. 16-28, 1944, near Losheimergraben.

     If this is the case, should K/394 be included on the plaque that is being considered for erection at the Losheimergraben crossroads? I think so.

     Our ranks get thinner each year. I am asking other unit members to help determine in K/394 was attached to 1stBn/394. Comment will be appreciated.

     I also enclose a check for the plaque fund. I, of course, would like to see K/394 included on the plaque, if facts determine that it should be.

Thomas H. Gause K/394

53015 Hwy 59

Stockton AL 36579