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John S. Timmer

Son researches father's military career

Son researches father's military career

     My father was in the 99th Infantry, 394th Regiment. His name was John S. Timmer.

     I have all his medals, dog tags, and such, and I am looking for more information. I also have his honorable discharge papers. According to them he was in Hq. Co. 2nd Bn., 28th Inf. He died in 1972, when I was 11, so I never got to hear his war stories.

     I was wondering if any of the people who receive the Checkerboard knew him or recognized the name. I am trying to trace his military records, as far as what battles he fought in, or some kind of history of his war record.

     So far all I have received are a copy of his medical records. His patch is like the one on your website home page. My mom said he was involved in the Battle of the Bulge. She also said he was home on furlough getting ready to be sent to the Pacific, when the war ended.

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