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Jack Trageser, K/394 years ago

Grandson searches for

more information about Jack Trageser, K/394

     I need help finding someone who may have known my Grandfather PFC John (Jack) L. Trageser K/394, in an effort to fill in the gaps of the history of his service. This is a brief summary.

     His date of entry into service was Mar. 2,1943 He went to Coe College Air cadet school in Cedar Rapids, Ohio.

     Until 1944 when Uncle Sam came calling (as he put it) in need of infantrymen. From that point he went to Fort Lewis and was in the 97th 387 Inf. He shipped out on Sept. 22 1944 to England which he arrived Oct. 1 1944.

     What I do not know is at what point (date) he joined the 99th? The latest letter we have with 97th 387Inf. on it is Aug. 9,1944.

     The earliest letter we have with 99th 394Inf. on it is May 24,1945.

     He was wounded on Dec. 16 1944 for which he received the Purple Heart. We have a card from the U.S. ARMY hospital dated Jan.25,194.

     On his Discharge papers it lists Battles and campaigns as the Ardennes, Rhineland, Central Europe.

     In all the letters we have from around May-July 1945 He says that he is stationed in Aub, Germany southeast of Wurzburg in a castle.

     I hope this information sparks a memory in someone who may have known him and can help me fill in some of the gaps in his service overseas. If anyone has any questions or information that might help me in any way feel free to e-mail me or write or call me collect at (717)633-5688.

Mike Lazzelle

222 Skylite Drive

Hanover, PA 17331