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Is Camp Maxey museum planned?

My name is Allen Williams and I am an associate member. Enclosed you will find my dues and small donation. I am a history instructor at Paris Junior College in Paris TX, the home of Camp Maxey. My dad was a WWII veteran, but he did not serve in the 99th Division. I am a big fan of the 99th though, and was able to travel to Belgium and Luxembourg this past summer. What a great time my family and I had as we spent the better part of a week traveling through the Ardennes and visiting important Battle of the Bulge sites. We went all over the region and saw many sites where the 99th fought.

My dad was in the 468 AAA Battalion, part of Gen. Patton's drive up from the south. I do have a "family connection" to the 99th however, as my grandfather worked as a barber at Camp Maxey during the time the 99th was there.

I vaguely remember a story from a few years ago that the military was trying to establish a small museum out at Camp Maxey. But I am not sure what has happened to that venture. I am hoping to try and find out. The camp is now a reserve training center with a good bit of activity. As a matter of fact, my family and I just moved into a new home that is built on former Camp Maxey property. The main gate is only about a mile from my home, so being in such close proximity, I will try to find out more about that proposed museum.

Allen Williams

Powderly TX