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Insignia needed for museum

Insignia needed for museum

     Three months ago I wrote your association to see if they could support one of our new museum exhibits with a distinctive insignia for each infantry regiment assigned to the 99th Infantry Division during World War II.

     These distinctive insignia would be on display as part of our museum's "Fighting Infantry Regiments of World War II" exhibit. In your reply, you sent me an active membership roster, of which I wrote to a few members, but without results.

     I am writing again to see if you had any luck obtaining a 393rd, 394th, and 395th Infantry Regiment insignia for this museum through the Checkerboard. At the present time, I am using paper illustrations in lieu of the actual metal distinctive insignia.

David S. Bingham

Museum Curator

Fort Polk Military Museum

PO Box 3916

Fort Polk LA 71459-0916