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I/394 graduation photo available years ago

Here's a contribution to the fund to bring Marcel and Mathilde Schmetz here this summer. We're so happy they're coming and we're hopeful that we'll get to see them.

We would love to have them stay with us so we could partially repay their kindness but they've got hoards of clamoring fans who want the same thing, so it's not too likely.

We bought a picture frame last week at an antique/flea market shop and it had a photo of I/394 graduating from Van Dorn on Aug. 9, 1943. I've called a couple of veterans of I/394 in the area to see if they wanted the photo but they all were replacements and said they wouldn't have known many of the men in the picture.

Do you have any suggestions about finding someone who might like the photo? Or do you think I should contact the 99th Division Museum folks?

The more I read and the more I talk to veterans (of any unit) the more in awe of them I become and the more aware of the tremendous debt we owe to them.

Larry Clapsadl

590 St. Johns Drive

Camp Hill PA 17011