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Humphrey's essays are remarkable

The story of the 99th by Robert Humphrey truly is remarkable. I volunteered for the Army in January 1943 (enlistments were closed). I had infantry basic at Camp Maxey with the 792nd MP Bn. I was in ASTP for three terms at LSU.

Later, when 3,000-plus were sent to the 99th Division, I felt a sense of incompetence going to an outfit that had 10 more months of infantry training. We had many ASTPers in our company and we mixed well with the "old timers."

I witnessed no hostility whatsoever. Shortly after our arrival, the company had a going away party for the men going to other divisions for D-Day preparation. Several of us volunteered for kitchen duty and the next weekend we were given three-day passes. How's that for acceptance?

I wonder if any of the men who left the 99th are on the mailing list? It would be interesting to hear from them. I know when we arrived in England, a few men visited a former 99th buddy at a hospital. He had been wounded earlier.

Please keep us informed on Dr. Merrell Frazer's book, "Hold At All Costs." I've talked to several 394th I&R men and read every story I could about the stand at Lanzerath. I also saw on TV the recognition they received at Yankee Stadium. I'm anxious to learn more about the event.

Jerome D. Nelson E/394

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