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Humphrey's essays are great

Thank you for the most recent issue of the Checkerboard. It is an excellent issue. We enjoy all of them.

I must take issue with Thor Ronningen's assessment of Robert Humphrey's historical account of the 99th. We have been in touch by e-mail and phone with Dr. Humphrey for about three years. We have never known anyone who wants to "get it right" more than Robert Humphrey. Of course, he was not there . . . he is an historian, not a participant.

He's asked many questions (more than we could answer at times!) of many 99'ers. He's left nothing out. It would not be true history if he picked and chose just what he wanted to print.

We appreciate Humphrey's essays. We look forward with great anticipation to each one. We should consider ourselves very fortunate to have someone with his expertise so interested in the 99th when he has no connection except his insatiable interest.

Thank you, Dr. Humphrey, for caring about the 99th and going to all the time and expense you have to write the history for us. Thank you, Checkerboard, for printing this fine story! I hope it comes out in book form one of these days.

Bob Waldrep E/393

902 N. Main #23

San Angelo TX 76903