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Humphrey plans to publish book

To Checkerboard readers:

I have completed two more chapters, "The Closing of the Ruhr Pocket," and "Prisoners of War." I am currently researching and writing the final chapter, "War's End." Also I need to revise earlier chapters and add material that I uncovered after the initial writing.

I know I have taken a long time to write this manuscript, and I apologize for my slowness. I wanted to do the best job possible, as I owe a special obligation to all veterans of the 99th Division, especially those who have given their time and memories — more than 300 men. I never would have spent so much time, effort, and money on this project if it weren't for the wonderful guys I have met and continue to meet. (Don't be surprised if you receive a telephone call or see me in person.)

But today I communicated with the editor of a press who is very interested in the manuscript. He asked that I not send any more chapters to the Checkerboard (I never actually told him the number that have appeared) because he fears it will hurt potential sales. Since many vets have asked me to publish the work, something I never intended to do, I think it best we heed his request.

I will keep the Checkerboard informed of developments. Thanks for your support, which keeps me going. This began as a potentially interesting project and became a mission I could not abandon. Your sacrifices, hardships, and contributions ought to be made public and preserved.

Robert Humphrey

Sacramento CA

Phone 916-920-8878