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Humphrey has great insight

I am another of the forgetful old veterans of the 99th Infantry Division. I'm sure I allowed my membership to lapse but it was not because of lack of interest or lack of love for the 99th. I hope my dues check will put me back in good graces with the association.

I have been in contact with Bob Humphrey over the past couple of months and was thrilled with the first five chapters of his history of our division. I think Bob has great insight into the individual soldier as well as the big picture.

A Pfc. in an infantry division has a very limited view of what is going on in a battle. I was in the Bulge, and at Elsenborn, the Ruhr Pocket, Remagen, etc., and there were several situations where I was absolutely sure I knew what was going on but Humphrey put a different slant on several of my wartime truths.

I do not have Humphrey's last three chapters (the accounts after crossing the Rhine). How can I get these last few chapters?

I find it most interesting to read others' accounts of events that I also was a part of. Sometimes they seem like totally different events.

Thank you for being the care keeper of a portion of our history that is so deeply embedded in our hearts.

Stan Lambert T/394

9742 Troon Ct

Cincinnati OH 45241-3349

EDITOR'S NOTE: Humphrey's last essay, "Crossing the Rhine," was published in the second issue 2005. He is putting the finishing touches on the next essay in his series.