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How cold was it?

All of us who were in the Bulge remember how very cold it was. Everyone tried to keep warm by wearing multiple layers. I wore a total of 14 layers on my body; some civilian sweaters received from home supplemented the GI clothing.

I weighed 140-150 pounds but the clothing made me look like I weighed about 190. Some men who didn't know me too well called me "Fatty."

I wonder how many others looked overweight because of the extra clothing?

uniform of the bulge

2 T-shirts

2 Winter underwear and long-sleeve shirts

2 GI long-sleeve sweaters

1 Civilian long-sleeve sweater

1 Sleeveless civilian sweater

2 OD shirts

2 Fatigue shirts

1 Field jacket

1 Wool overcoat

1 Pair OD pants

1 Pair fatigue or combat pants

2 Pair summer underwear shorts

2 Pair winter long underwear

2 or 3 Pair wool socks

(plus 1 or 2 pair drying between sweaters)

1 Pair combat boots

1 Pair rubber galoshes

1 GI knit helmet liner

1 GI wool leather palm gloves

Bob Cornell D/394

242 Beverly Place

Munster IN 46321