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Hogan answers Humphrey

As one of the cadre from the 7th Infantry Division, I felt a sense of disappointment in some of my fellow members in the rifle companies, and their offensive attitude and behavior as reported by Robert C. Humphrey in the fifth edition, 2003.

I understand the reaction and criticism of the ASTPers who were not only the victims of failed promises and misrepresentations by the Army but also were the objects of the belligerent attitude and mean actions of some of the platoon sergeants and first sergeants.

Unfortunately for the ASTPers, and unlike most recruits, they arrived labeled as "college" draftees. Some of the cadre, less educated, felt insecure and inferior, resulting in resentment, which was expressed in their hostile actions and wrongful conduct against this new group of recruits.

Some of us have had a comparable experience in civilian life, where people in positions of power, but lacking in education, will vent their resentment against those under their control, with education or college, by their criticisms and "put downs."

This may explain the mind set of the NCOs reported in the article, but it is inexcusable and should not be tolerated.

I have great respect for the ASTPers for their service and performance during the war, and for their accomplishments after the war, in their contribution to the success of our association. I didn't know any of this group during my service, but I have developed friendships with many of them through the activities and conventions of our association.

I am proud of my service in the 7th Infantry Division and regret that the Humphrey article is a reflection on the good name of the 7th and their judgment in the selection of the cadre as a nucleus for the expansion of the 99th Infantry Division.

I would hope that the actions of some of the cadre would not influence the judgment of the ASTPers on the entire group.

Bob Hogan 3/393

Legal Adviser