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History Round Table continues to preserve events

Don Patton's History Round Table continues to operate at Edina MN, preserving the events of World War II.

Don has devoted a lot of time and effort to preserving the history of the 99th, and received national publicity for the 99th organization.

More than 500 people attended some of the sessions held last year, and greater programs are predicted.

His organization will be sponsoring a 15-day tour of European battlefields beginning May 9, 2003.

On Dec. 12, 2002, the organization sponsored the program "Defense of Elsenborn Ridge" with 99'ers Joe Doherty, Robert Mitsch, and Richard King among those who were oral history presenters.

Upcoming sessions include "Treasures Stolen by Nazis" on March 13; "Operation Torch and North Africa" on April 10; and "A Bridge Too Far" May 8.

For more information, contact Patton at 952-392-3611 - ext. 4017.