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Henri-Chapelle Cemetery website goes online

I am looking for some help with a project. I have created a website on the American Military Cemetery, Henri-Chapelle in Belgium.

I noticed there are 288 men from the 99th Infantry Division buried or memorialized at the cemetery. The website won't be just about Henri-Chapelle. I'm planning to publish stories and pictures about other cemeteries as well.

My question is, are there any photos or stories from soldiers that I can use on my website? I want to offer visitors as many photos and stories as I can, all in honor and remembrance of those who fought for our freedom during World War II.

The link for the website will be activated Sept. 23. The address is:

Many years ago I was moved deeply by my visits to the American War Cemeteries in Margraten and Henri-Chapelle.

About two years ago a close friend told me an Australian AVRO Lancaster went down on Dec. 29, 1943, shot down by a German night-fighter. This boosted my interest especially when a local newspaper announced that no one knew where the airmen (six died, one survived) were buried.

In less than an hour I discovered these men were buried at the Reichswald Cemetery in Kleve, Germany. I also learned it was possible to adopt graves of American soldiers who were killed during WWII.

I immediately filed a request for adoption, not only for me but also for my two sons, so this tragedy will never be forgotten.

In the past year I adopted a total of six graves at Henri-Chapelle and Margraten. One adoption was not possible because the grave was already adopted by other people. I was sad because this soldier was a friend of a veteran who will visit me this month. This veteran of the 87th Infantry Division, Maury Johnson and his wife, will stay at our place here in the Netherlands. It truly will be a great moment for me and my family.

Peter Heckmanns

Kerkrade, The Netherlands