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Helmet liner found

Helmet liner found

     I recently came into possession of a World War II M-1 helmet liner that is marked with 99th Infantry Division insignia. I am somewhat of an amateur historian and helmet collector and was ecstatic to find this piece. I have come to realize upon close inspection this liner is marked with a soldier's name on one of the webbing straps. As best I can make out, it appears to be "FASOT." That is a guess as the only thing I can be certain of is there are five letters, with the first being an "F" and the last being a "T."

     I would like some information on this soldier and the markings on the helmet. If he can be positively identified I would like to return the item to him or his family.

     Was the practice of marking helmets and/or liners a division practice during the war? I know some units did and others did not. I ask because I have never happened across another 99th marked helmet.

     The liner also appears to have been a reissued item because it has the shiny-type drab depot paint I have come across with other helmets and liners (mostly the Korean era). There also are some other division symbols under this coat of paint as further evidence of the reissued condition.

     If this item was the property of one of the brave men of the 99th I would like to return it to the man or his family.

Brian Edman

3010 Bennington Ave.

Columbus OH 43231