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Hans Wijers writing new book

Hans Wijers, author of a book on the Battle of the Bulge with stories by many 99th Division men, is working on a new book that was scheduled to be out in December.

It covers the area just north of 3rd Battalion, 393rd Regiment, involving the Dec. 13 attack and subsequent actions of the 2nd Division and the 395th RCT (which included the 2nd Battalion, 393rd Regiment).

It also covers the 3rd Battalion, 395th Regiment at Hofen, at the north end of the 99th line, and other units such as the 644th Tank Destroyer, 741st Tank Battalion, as well as engineers, etc.

Many stories already have been received by men of the above units, as well as from German veterans who fought in the area.

This book should ease the concerns by many 395th men who were disappointed that the first book hardly mentioned them.