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Grandson asks for facts about L/395 member years ago

I am the 37-year-old grandson of an honorably discharged WWII veteran how died when I was a child, in the early 1970s. Though a curiosity about his life has been present in me since his death, my interested in him has intensified and permeated my thoughts since the death of his wife (my grandmother) in 1996.

I have been searching, hopefully in the right direction, for about five years. Specifically I have been searching for a photo or an account which might be available of a veteran who may have known him during training, on the front line, or postwar.

Copies of my grandfather's separation and discharge papers indicated he was a member of Company L, 395th Infantry.

This information led me to read Thor Ronningen's "Butler's Battlin' Blue Bastards," and more recently, George Neill's "Infantry Soldier."

Though these books painted detailed pictures of important front line experiences with dozens of accounts by Company L soldiers, no mention of my grandfather was found. With less than 200 officers and men in Company L, it seemed as though he must have been no more than a few foxholes away.

I would greatly appreciate any advice, information, or guidance which might help me find specific information or photos depicting my grandfather, Maxwell E. Snodgrass, during his days with the Army.

Paul Snodgrass

1050 Hartford Dr.

Boulder CO 80305