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Gittemier searching for man who saved his life

This summary is information that may help find a 99'er. Linus Gittemier and I are both members of the St. Louis chapter of Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge.

He was an MP with the 2nd Division from D-Day to when he was wounded.

The first and second battalions of 395th Reg. and the second battalion of the 393rd were a regimental combat team assigned to the 2nd Division under General Robertson.

We went on attack on Dec. 13 as part of their drive on the custom station at Wahlersheid Crossroad. We were on the Hasselpath Trail parallel to this road and our objective was Hill 621.

Company E, 395 had 18 men hit by friendly fire on Dec. 14. We were ordered on Dec. 17 to move down the trail by General Robertson. We set up at the intersection of the trail and the Wahlersheid Crossroad just north and outside of Rocherath. We held that position until the night of Dec. 19 when we were ordered to withdraw to Elsenborn Ridge.

We moved most of the night and got on the ridge after dark. We were told to dig in, but we were so tired we just pushed back the snow and laid down and went to sleep.

Sometime after daylight German tanks at the bottom of the hill in the trees began firing on us. We took cover in shell holes. Fortunately our artillery was in position and started counter fire so the shelling did not last too long.

Linus Gittemier was a 2nd Division MP and he was assigned to direct traffic at the intersection outside Camp Elsenborn. He said about 10 a.m. he got knocked down from the concussion of a shell landing nearby. He got up and went back to his post on the intersection.

Apparently the Germans had the intersection grids. Gittemier said shortly thereafter a second shell landed and shrapnel severed his leg. He said a member of the 99th came to him and took off his belt and put a tourniquet above the knee and stopped his blood flow.

He did not get the man's name. He said a short time later an ambulance came and it was loaded. However, they made adjustments and put him on the floor before they went on to the next aid station.

Gittemier is searching for the 99'er who saved his life on Dec. 20, at the intersection of Camp Elsenborn. If you have information please contact him at 522 Platmore Dr., Ferguson MO 63135.

James Johnson

4827 Towne Centre Dr.

St. Louis MO 63128