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German searches for grandfather's passport

German searches for

grandfather's passport

     My name is Michael Sydow and I live in Germany. My grandfather, Werner Sydow was captured by your troops in the "Ruhrkessel" (Ruhr Pocket-Sauerland) in April 1945.

     The GIs took away some souvenirs (medals and decorations) and also his "soldbuch" (military passport). After 55 years I am still searching for this "soldbuch." It is not in the German archives (the U.S. government brought these documents back in 1968) so I guess a GI took it away as a souvenir.

     It would be great if I could find it. All necessary information about my grandfather's service in the German Army is in it.

     With the greatest respect to all veterans, I hope to find this relic of my grandfather's service.

Michael Sydow