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George M. Young, 394th years ago

My father, Pfc. George M. Young, was an infantryman in the 99th Infantry, 394th Regiment, somewhere in the Losheim Gap/Elsenborn Ridge area of the Battle of the Bulge.

I am trying to learn anything I can about his service there. He died in 1981, at age 59, and never received any decorations or medals other than the Presidential Unit Citation.

I know that he was wounded by shrapnel during the Bulge, and that he continued in front line combat until about the middle of January1945, when he was sent rearward to a hospital.

At his death, pieces of this shrapnel in his leg and hip still were visible on X-rays taken at the University of Michigan Hospital, in Ann Arbor.

My mother, age 81, is still living, though in very poor health. I would like to try to get any medals or awards he should have received, awarded posthumously, and have them presented to my mother before she dies.

I know I am going to need corroborating evidence in addition to the V-mail from him to his mother, the family stories, etc.

Few officers from his unit were around to write after-action reports, recommendations for commendations, etc., after the Bulge. In addition, his military records seem to have been among the thousands lost in a fire in the 1970s in St. Louis MO.

Anyone who knew my father, and can shed light on his service, would be appreciated.

Daniel M. Young