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Gendelman seeks 394th information years ago

I am trying to get the name of a sergeant from L/394, 99th Division, who came from Indiana, was married, and I believe was a teacher with two children.

He died in my arms Dec. 16, 1944.

I would appreciate his name, and how I can reach his family.

I also am trying to locate the following publications:

"From Battle Babies to Vets: The Combat History of the 394th Infantry Regiment," by James L. Haseltine.

"The Army Lineage Book: Infantry," Vol. II, Chief of Military History office, Washington, D.C. (Specific coverage of the 394th Infantry Regiment is contained on pages 749 and 750.)

"Operations of the 277th Volksgrenadier Div. In November-December 1944 Ardennes offensive," General-Major Viebig.

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