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Friend shares Dale Clark's personal story

I am an American Indian researching WWII history and hope this inquiry can be placed in a newsletter. I seek correspondence with Elders who served during WWII. If this army group has veterans from other conflicts — Korea, Vietnam, etc., I would like to hear from them as well. My goal is to develop the following separate topics into articles and books.

I want to correspond with any WWII-era veteran, especially those of ethnic heritage such as American Indian, Arabic, Jewish, Hispanic, German, African, etc. Any woman affiliated with this group who served as a WAC or army nurse is encouraged to respond.

I am seeking anyone who worked with military animals (dogs, messenger pigeons, horses) or has an animal mascot story. Also, any anecdotes of GIs encountering wildlife or feral livestock, whether dangerous or humorous situations.

I am seeking information on sex and romance during WWII — favorite pin-up girls, "dear John" letters, bawdy marching lyrics, military hygiene lectures, prophylactic stations, red light districts, unusual marriage proposals, sexual harassment against men or women, ideal dates, visiting the Hollywood canteen, weddings and newlywed life in wartime, dating overseas girls, divorces, war brides, secret dating (i.e., enlisted man and WAC officer, etc.), birth control, where you were when notified of a birth on the homefront.

I am seeking information on unusual experiences and coincidences during the war, including haunting, premonitions, ghost tanks, psychic bonds between good buddies, encountering macabre or vampire crime, good luck charms, visits to fortune tellers, near death (out of body) experiences, foo fighter sightings, unusual animals or sea creatures, superstitions, miracles, and any situation deemed supernatural or paranormal by the witness.

Any response is appreciated. Especially, anything the witness has kept private for six decades. I am also seeking unwanted copies of letters, Yank newspapers, v-mail, memorabilia, and photographs related to WWII.

WWII History Projects

Robert J. Clark

PO Box 685

Collinsville IL 62234