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Flags for everyone?

Flags for everyone?

     Sandra Handley has been trying to find out which regiment her father was in. His name was Hubert "Dutch" Hoefle. He died three years ago. He was with the I&R Platoon.

     Her dad brought back a Nazi flag. All the men in her father's unit signed it in March 1945. She wonders if the men had one flag for each man and passed them around for signatures, "Otherwise I don't know why Dad would have signed the flag he was to bring home."

     These are the men who signed and where they came from:

     Allen E. Arthur, Albany GA

     Charles Brown, Scranton (probably OH)

     Louis W. Chaudet II, Hollywood CA

     Bob Cornelius, Cincy OH (Cincinnati)

     Joseph C. Crownover, Antlers OK

     Donald Dowdy, Roanoke VA

     John Frankovich, Cleveland

     "Jerry" Joseph Garretson, Youngstown OH

     William W. Henry, Shelvy VA

     Hubert Hoefle "Dutch", Mishawaka IN

     Clayde Isaacks, Cleburne TX

     K.L. Marks, 243 West St., Garden MA

     Glenn O. Messinger, Hanover PA

     Jack Musselman, Springfield OH

     Otis O. Nowlin (sp), Smoki OK

     William Y. Owens Jr., Summerset KY

     Web Phillips, SF CA (San Francisco)

     Walter Rosa, Crystal Falls MI

     Robert Rothraugg, Braddock PA

     Robert Schabert, Cincinnati

     Mark A. Smith, Brushnill IL

     Walter Smith, Hoover OH

     John H. Stacey, Buffalo (probably NY)

     Jim Steigerwald, Ohio

     Dale Turner, Morrisdale PA

     Bill Walker, Sharon Hill PA

     If anyone can tell her about the flags or what regiment her father was in, please contact Handley by e-mail: