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Farewell to Bill

Bill Meyer was a pillar of the 99th Division,

For its past and future, he was one of great vision.

The 99th's image was always his quest,

And he proved to the world we were one of the best.

He served with distinction in World War II;

Had courage and will power to see it through.

He returned to the battlefields oft in the past,

Wondering each trip if it might be his last.

Bill's favorite folks were the Belgian people;

He would shout their praises from the highest steeple.

The M&Ms and the Diggers to just name a few;

He always applauded the good works they do.

It's hard to imagine in all of our wisdom,

The 99th's role in preserving their freedom.

It's not just a product of this generation,

But a prevailing feeling of a grateful nation.

There's much more, Bill, that we'd like to tell,

Of the many areas that you served so well.

But sooner or later we must say goodbye,

We can't put it off, not even if we try.

After 81 years, it's so hard to leave

Your family and wife, and all those who grieve.

But your battles are over, and victory is yours,

As you say goodbye to your earthly chores.

There's a great big welcome planned in heaven above,

As God greets you with his gracious love.

So rest in peace, Bill, and whistle a tune;

Most of us old vets will be joining you soon.

Stewart Boone

99th Checkerboard Division

Garden City KS