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Family needs help putting pieces together

Family needs help

putting the pieces together

     Your website was referred to me by Jean-Louis Seel whom we met at Camp Elsenborn in June 2001.

     My sister and I took my father back where he was so many years ago. On our trip we learned a great deal about what he and many others lived through, or didn't.

     It is important to him to try and locate Walter Ouimette. They spent many hours together and were separated along the way.

     We also tried to obtain information about the family that housed my father and four other soldiers near Elsenborn. He rembmers there were two daughters with the names of Juber and Maria. Maria was a war orphan who had been taken in by the family. My father recalls the girls left early in the morning (to care for the cattle) and returned late at night.

     On the day the soldiers were taken by truck to the front line, Juber wrote her name and address down and gave it to each of the soldiers.

     While we were in Elsenborn everyone was very friendly and helpful in their efforts to help us put the puzzle together. Any help or resources anyone can give us in our research efforts would be greatly appreciated. We are planning on returning to Elsenborn in June.

Stephanie Johnson