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Family learns more about father

Family learns more about father

Family learns more about father

     Pfc. Robert L. Ison, A/394, was my father and was killed during the Battle of the Bulge sometime between Dec. 16-18, 1944. My family has recently been contacted by W.F. McMurdie, who was with my father at that time.

     Bill has written a book, "Hey Mac," about his experiences during the war. He has dedicated the book to my father and their lieutenant, Charles Gullet Jr.

     I am trying once again to find men who knew my father, after trying for many years and failing. Your help would be appreciated.

     I also would like to write a letter to be read at your division reunion this summer to express my sincere admiration and appreciation to those who gave so much to protect the way of life and freedoms my father held so precious and instilled in me a great love for this country and all it stands for.

     Bill also suggested I request a copy of the Checkerboard, your division newsletter, to help me locate others also to guide me in writing my letter to all of you.

Betty Ison Hardage

4358 Timuquana Rd. #148

Jacksonville FL 32210




     Bill McMurdie spent hours on the phone with my brother and sisters telling us what he could. Over the past 55 years we have never learned anything about our father until this. We will always be eternally grateful to McMurdie. He is going to meet with us this summer in Beckley WV, and we will visit our dad's grave.

     Sergeant Davies was standing beside my dad when he was killed. Where can I go to determine if Sgt. Davies survived the war?

     If anyone has any information, regardless how small it may seem, we would like to hear from you.

Noel Ison

11 Darien Drive

Charleston SC 29414