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Electric typewriters have been around awhile

I enjoy reading the Checkerboard and really got a chuckle out of "The Good Ol' Days: How Old is Grandpa?" in the last edition.

I am 77 years old and the widow of Howard W. Lewis, E/394. I attended several reunions with Howard and enjoyed meeting his friends and buddies.

However, I would like to tell that "58-year-old Grandpa" that there were electric typewriters when he was born. I was fortunate to go to high school right across the Susquehanna River from the IBM home plant in Endicott NY. I took a typing class when I was 16 years old and used an IBM electric typewriter in that class. It was great and I never was very good on a manual typewriter — I was spoiled!

My husband spent his entire working life with IBM and we were very proud of the company and its achievements.

My best regards to all of you carrying on for the 99th Division.

Pat Lewis

2570 Nightingale Dr.

San Jose CA 95125-2922