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Edward George Ramp Jr.

Edward George Ramp Jr.

     My father was in the 99th Infantry Division and was captured on Dec. 23, 1944, where he spent the rest of the war at Stalag XIB in Fallingbostel, Germany. I know the chances are slim that anyone might have known him, but I have been searching for someone who may have or has any information about this particular POW camp in Germany.

     My father's name was Edward George Ramp Jr., ASN 16149188. He was born in Detroit MI. He had his ring finger amputated around the time he was captured. I remember a story that he may have picked up a German grenade and in trying to throw it back, ended up having his finger cut off. He died in 1963. Any information would be appreciated.

Carolyn Ramp Entriken

59 Downing Place

Harrington Park NJ 07640