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Ed shares his recollections

Ed shares his contribution

     Regarding the story "Setting the record straight about 'mystery of 364th'," following is an experience I had at that time.

     I know nothing of the story about Camp Van Dorn having 1,200 soldiers being killed, or the book written by Carroll Case.

     Frank Sullivan and myself became second lieutenants at Camp Barkeley TX, on June 9, 1943. Within a week or so we were ordered to report to the 99th Infantry Division at Camp Van Dorn. We arrived by train in the town and we both needed to clean up and shave before reporting to the general's office.

     We were in the local barbershop when two MPs walked in and tapped us on our shoes and asked, "Soldier, what are you doing in town?" When we sat up they saw we were officers. They apologized, but warned us to leave town as quickly as possible. We later asked the barber about this and he told us the local sheriff shot up some black soldiers. The general declared the town off-limits to troops.

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