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Donations welcome for rose garden fund

Donations welcome

for rose garden fund

     Those who would like to donate to a fund which will be used toward expenses of establishing a rose garden and plaque near Lanzerath may write to the following:

Dr. B. Merrell Frazer Jr., JD

PO Box 971002

El Paso TX 79997

     The plaque and rose garden will be established in recognition of the heroic stand taken at the spot by the I&R Platoon, 394th Infantry. The funds will be used only for the plaque. . .the rose garden is being donated by the people of Tyler, Texas. Cost of the plaque is estimated to be about $2,500. It will include the names of the men who served there in the defensive stand taken on Dec. 16, 1944.

     Frazer has been to the Lanzerath community several times, and has interviewed platoon leader Dr. Lyle Bouck. He is currently writing a book to explain what happened there.

     He has met with Tina and Mia Scholzen and Tina's husband, Albert.

     Checks should be made payable to: Lanzerath Memorial Plaque Fund and sent to Frazer at the address above.

     A rose garden has also been established at Camp Elsenborn, in recognition of the 99th, 2nd, and 9th Infantry Divisions. A similar rose garden, also donated by the people of Tyler, Texas, is located at the site of the "Malmedy Massacre" near the Baugnez crossroads.

     Frazer is shown at right in the photo (above) with 99th veteran Dr. William S. Livingston who is senior vice president of the University of Texas at Austin. Livingston served as BG Frederick Black's ADC. Black was 99th Artillery Commander. At one time, Frazer was a student in Livingston's class at UT. He interviewed Livingston for his soon to be published book, "Hold at all costs."


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Dr. William Livingston being interviewed by Dr. Merrell Frazer