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Donations start fund to erect 1/394th plaque years ago

Donations start fund

to erect 1/394th plaque

     The 6/99 issue of your Checkerboard carried a story about the possibility of erecting a plaque in the traffic circle at the Losheimergraben Crossroads, in the Belgian Ardennes, in recognition of the valiant stand of the 1st Bn 394th Infantry Regiment during the bleak bitter hours at the beginning of the Battle of the Bulge.

     Almost immediately, checks began to arrive.

     One of the first was a letter from John H. Skiles of 5330 Houndmaster Rd., Midlothian VA 23112-6524 (phone 804-639-5434). Skiles is the grandson of Lt. Marion McQuarry, D/394, who was killed there on Dec. 16, 1944. He sent a check for $250 in memory of his grandfather. He also would like to hear from men who served with his grandfather.

     Bob Cornell of D/394 called to pledge his support, and is sending a check.

     Jesse Coulter, D/394, a former president, called to say his check is "on the way."

     R.W. "Bob" Davis, B/394, El Cerrito, Calif., offers a challenge. Bob said he will match the first pledge of $1,000. He is serious. Bob was in the front line with B Co. when the attack came. He and his buddies continued fighting from their foxholes until 3 p.m. when they were surrounded and "the burp guns were aimed down at us." They were taken prisoner. As soon as someone accepts Bob's challenge by sending a check for $1,000, Bob will send his check for $1,000.

     Bill Kirkbride, Anti-tank Co./394, sent his check for $100. Bill reminds that the first platoon of the AT Co was attached to the 1st Bn/394, received the Presidential Unit Citation as part of the outfit, and he and his gun squad was captured at the custom house. It was Bill who went outside to negotiate the surrender with Oberst Wilhelm Osterhold of the German Army.

     Joe Cannon, a retired newspaper publisher from Oregon/Washington (and friend of CB editor Bill Meyer since they were in J-school 50+ years ago) sent a check for $50. Joe is an avid student of WWII history and a friend of the 99th.

     Gilbert Cooper, D/394, sent a check for $25.

     John Mellin, A/394, sent a check for $15.

     Many more contributions are needed. When the project is completed, a complete accounting will be made and any surplus funds will go to a worthy cause in Belgium.

     Send your voluntary contribution to: 1st Bn 394 Plaque, PO Box 99, Marion KS 66861.