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Don't knock American weapons

In response to the article by Mitchel Kaidy on American weapons, I cannot vouch for the M-1 carbine since that is not my issue. My weapon, the BAR, was a heavy weapon. It weighed 21 pounds. However, I never had a misfire or a jam.

I was in the 394th Infantry Regiment. I was on the front line the morning of the Battle of the Bulge. The attack started about 6 a.m. by ground troops.

The burp gun was fired from the hip by the enemy. I aimed the BAR. Big difference.

I kept them at bay in my sector until 12:30 p.m. Then the enemy brought in the mortars and one landed in my foxhole. The war was over for me then.

I never knew of anyone winning a war by throwing their weapon at the enemy.

I was a range officer for a rifle and pistol club in West Virginia. The .45 automatic made many winning trips to the Camp Perry shooting match in Ohio. I feel bad about someone "downing" our weapons.

Teddy Davis

539 Kenwood Rd.

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