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Diggers need your help

Diggers need your help

     The year 2001 was a better one for the MIA Project, with six men recovered.

     Sometimes during the diggings identification items are recovered. These items — ID bracelets, dogtags, etc., were most of the time just lost. A search for the former owner or his family is possible but we need help.

     We would like to have more information about the following men for whom something was lately recovered on the battlefield:

     James A. Burke, 393, company unknown; Farris F. Block, E/393; Lewis F. Brown, 393, company unknown; Roger A. Stevenson, 393, company unknown; Charles C. Thern, Med Det 394, KIA Dec. 18, 1944; 1st Lt. Melvin R. Temmer, 395, company unknown.

     Any information regarding their company, rank, or even old pictures would be helpful and appreciated.

Jean-Louis Seel