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Diggers make report at Norfolk

The Diggers from Belgium and their American friend Bill Warnock, gave an On Site Search Team report during the Norfolk Convention.

The Diggers, four young men from Belgium, were guests of the 99th Division Association.

They were in demand answering questions. Next year, at Biloxi, a room will be devoted to them, where they can meet friends from the 99th and ask and answer questions.

They gave a progress report. So far the men have located the bodies of 10 soldiers from the 99th who were among the 33 Checkerboard soldiers "missing in action." Actually, the American Army made scant effort to locate them during the following month, or after the war.

Our friends, the Diggers, stepped forward and helped. We owe them our everlasting thanks.

In 2001 these young men recovered six 99th bodies, they were busy with details, paperwork, and attending funerals in 2002, and have some exciting news to share about activities in 2003 (later).