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Did this happen to you?

Tony Dodd, K/393, asks, "Did this happen to anyone else?"

Prior to going overseas, we were advised not to take large sums of money with us. We were told that $10 to $15 per month would take care of our needs. After all, we were not going on a shopping vacation trip! But contrary to this advice, I left the States Sept. 29, 1944, with approximately $150 in my pocket.

Later, on Nov. 30, 1944, the Personnel Section set up tables in an open-air setting to take money to be sent home. This event occurred while we were in regimental reserve behind the lines. I turned in $90 in American currency and $45 in Belgian francs.

On Dec. 29, my father received a check for $45. The $90 never reached its intended destination, and efforts to locate it failed.

The lesson: Don't go off to fight a war with a wad of cash in your pocket!