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Daughter looks to unravel mysteries

Thanks so much for all the information you provided me. I was able to locate "Dauntless." It's a very interesting book.

You might remember that I told you I found my father's diary from the war. My father's name was James S. Faller of Toledo OH. He was a member of the 99th Infantry, 395th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Battalion. He returned home to Toledo in December 1945, after serving in the Battle of the Bulge and other assignments.

I found the following names and addresses in his diary:

Harry S. Campbell, Star Route, Ligonier PA

Steve Sovich, 2241 Bernard St., Hamtramck 12 MI

Don E Wise, Gifford IL, Phone 14

Virginia Hebner, 120 Middletown Gardens, Muncie IN

Dora Hebner, 1112 E. Walnut St., Boonville IN

My dad brought back war souvenirs. One of them was a watch that he told me he had taken from a German officer. The watch had a message in it, written in German. When my dad returned home, he had a friend translate the message.

Unfortunately, my mother disposed of the watch and the original note, but I have the translation. There may be someone in Germany who would treasurer this message if I could find the family to whom it was directed or "Lisele's" family.

The translation:

My Dears,

In case ever anything should happen to me that would stop me to continue living, I ask you to give the contents of this note to my beloved Lisele. Do not be angry with me on account of that. But it will be my last will that you don't look down at her, even though she does not have anything — according to your opinion.

I have learned to know her well and to appreciate her.

Last Regards,


Any assistance on unraveling these mysteries would be appreciated.

Patsy James Faller Scott

2623 Talmadge Rd.

Ottawa Hills OH 43606