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Dale Elvis Bell

Where was 99th on March 13, 1945

Where was 99th on March 13, 1945?

     I would like to hear from anyone who may have served with my father in the 394th Inf. Regiment 99th Division. My father's name was Pfc. Dale Elvis Bell from Iowa. He was killed on March 13, 1945.

     While visiting his grave at Henri-Chapelle Cemetery, the caretaker was not able to inform me of the exact location in which he was killed. He did inform me that the 99th was operating in the following locations on March 13: Kalenborn, Nosteheid, and Hargarten.

     If anyone can provide me with information I would greatly appreciate it. I also would like to thank all the members of the 99th for their service to our great nation. I, too, served 20 years in the service but my deeds could never compare to any of those of the 99th.

Edward L. Bell

3623 Rockingham Road

Davenport IA 52802